Support common sense drug laws now!



On 14 December the NSW Government Cabinet will be deciding whether to support improvements to our drug laws.

Our politicians need to know the community supports these improvements.

Will you email you MP and let them know the NSW community wants these changes? Click on this link

The NSW Government is considering a proposal for a new system if people are found with small quantities of drugs.

This sensible step brings NSW in line with other jurisdictions all around Australia that have similar diversion systems.

The evidence from around the world shows treating personal drug use as a health and social issue saves lives and doesn’t increase use.

It would be a 3 strikes diversion system (strike 1 = warning, strike 2 = fine, strike 3 = larger fine, strike 4 = court). At strike 2 or 3, people will be able to avoid a fine by attending Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) support.

The system would apply to all drugs and replace the current caution scheme that only applies to cannabis.

Legal, medical, health, community and church groups, have welcomed the news that the NSW Government is considering these changes.

The laws reduce shame and stigma, allowing people with drug dependency issues to have open conversations about their drug taking and find help when they seek it.

Too much of this conversation is filled with grandstanding and sensationalism. Politicians need to hear your compassionate, common-sense voice!

Will you email your MP? We have just a few days, will you do it now?

We all want a society in which all people are valued and their dignity as human beings recognised. The time has come to set aside ideology and modernise our drug policies.