Staff Specialist Office Accommodation Update




Last month ASMOF submitted further amendments to NSW Health’s latest draft of the Workspace Accommodation Policy Directive. These amendments which sought to acknowledge and implement Staff Specialist’s entitlement to office accommodation in accordance with clause 24 of the Staff Specialists (State) Award, were wholly rejected by NSW Health.

ASMOF is disappointed with NSW Health’s hollow explanation of it’s reasoning for rejecting ASMOF’s various amendments and previous submissions. NSW Health has continued to dismiss the persuasive arguments regarding the proven adverse impacts of open plan offices, however ASMOF is continuing to fight this matter on a local and in the Industrial Relations Commission.

The matter will return to the Industrial Relations Commission on 20 March 2019 for directions, however until then ASMOF is seeking further legal advice in respect to this matter and will be holding member forums at various redevelopments around NSW. If you would like to be involved in the member forums, please contact Industrial Officer, Catherine Ryan at for further details.