LEAD 2019



ASMOF encourages relevant members to participate in the HETI Lead Leadership Development Program which aims to deliver a high quality, innovative, interactive and inspirational leadership program to build and develop skills for clinical leaders in medical education and training.

The 5 face to face workshops are structured around the following learning modules:

Looking Inwards: Understanding your own personality and leadership style and that of others.

Looking Outwards: Develop the skills needed to work effectively with others.

Looking from Above: Develop an understanding of the NSW Health system and learn how to get things done.

Looking Forward: Develop and implement strategies to meet future needs in medical education for both the individual and across the system.

Looking Overall: Focus on drawing together the learning of the program and what it means to be a leader in medical education and training.

Who Is The Program For?

Consultants who teach, supervise or mentor doctors in training or who are interested in being involved in medical education and training and want to develop and build their leadership skills. Lead allows senior doctors to both participate in the program and to join the faculty team for a unique opportunity to both learn and lead. Group coaching with the program’s executive coach is also available throughout the workshops.

The full flyer can be found: HERE