CCLHD – Proposed JMO rostering changes at Gosford Hospital

Subsequent to the Central Coast Local Health District (‘CCLHD’) / ASMOF Union Specific Consultative Committee (‘USCC’) meeting that was held last week, ASMOF has received correspondence from CCLHD’s HR & Medical Workforce Unit. 

CCLHD has advised ASMOF that they are willing to have an urgent meeting before Christmas, should ASMOF wish to discuss a number of proposed changes that will affect JMO rostering arrangements at Gosford Hospital from early 2018.  

CCLHD provided the following information regarding these proposed changes to ASMOF for distribution to members, as part of the consultation process: 

This is the current roster and the planned changes to the after-hours roster at Gosford for 2018. 
Some details will depend on final recruitment outcomes for the District.


Current Roster Coverage for Afterhours and Weekends

Weekday Evenings

Nights Monday - Sunday

Weekend Days /Evenings

4.00 JMO (Normal)

1.00 Surgical Trainee (ROT)

2.00 Trainee Medicine (ROT)

3.00  JMOs (Normal)

1.00  Medical Trainee (Normal)

1.00  Surgical Trainee (Normal)


5.00 JMOs 0800 – 2230 (ROT)

1.00 Discharge JMO 0800-1630 (ROT)

1.00 Medical Trainee 0800-1630 (ROT)

1.00 Medical Trainee 0800-2230 (ROT)


Proposed Roster Coverage Afterhours and Weekends

Weekday Evenings

Nights Monday - Sunday


5.00 JMOs (Normal)

1.00 Surgical Trainee (ROT)

3.00 Trainee Medicine (ROT)

4.00 JMOs (Normal)

2.00 Medical Trainee (Normal)

1.00 Surgical Trainee (Normal)


6.00 JMOs 0800 – 2230 (ROT)

2.00 Discharge JMO 0800-1630 (ROT)

2.00 Medical Trainee 0800-1630 (ROT)

2.00 Medical Trainee 0800-2230 (ROT)

(ROT) – Rostered Over Time                 Normal – Normal rostered hours, penalties apply

Please note: the shift times will alter, as CCLHD is in the process of reviewing these times
with a working group of JMOs and Interns to remove the 14.5 hour shift.

  • CCLHD has added 5.00 FTE Basic Physician Trainees - 2.00 FTE Nights 7:7, 1.00 FTE Reliever, 1.00 FTE Gastroenterology and 1.00 FTE Medical Oncology.  The gastroenterology and medical oncology BPTs will work Mon-Fri but participate in ROT for after-hours, allowing them to cover the new shifts without over burdening current staff.   
  • CCLHD is planning to add additional RMO terms to Paediatrics, Acute Surgical Unit, Urology, Renal, Cardiology and Medical Oncology and increasing their Relief terms to 20. Again, this will allow CCLHD to fill the additional after hours shifts through the rostering of evening shifts (relief) and rostered overtime whilst not increasing the frequency.

If you have any comments regarding the proposed rostering changes, please email to Steve Teece, at by COB Thursday, 30 November 2017.