ASMOF Anniversary – Pushing Back against Privatisation



Here at ASMOF we are celebrating the anniversary of the start of our successful campaign against the privatisation of five regional hospitals in NSW.

In September 2016 the NSW Government made a shock announcement that they were planning on privatising the major hospitals of Goulburn, Maitland, Shellharbour, Wyong and Bowral. It would have allowed private organisations to design, construct, operate and maintain these hospitals.

The evidence of previous failed attempts to privatise health care services has categorically shown that the results would have been catastrophic for our members and the communities they care for.

Consequently, the Health Unions came together to run a State Wide campaign against privatisation, holding rallies such as the one seen here, and in just over one year, we turned around all five hospitals and placed them back into public hands.

It’s a testament to the power of being in a Union, working directly with and empowering the community.

We are proud at ASMOF to be the only doctor body that opposed, and will continue to oppose, the privatisation of our healthcare system.

We also stand against privatisation by stealth, in the form of the flawed model of Public Private Partnerships.

In light of recent revelations of drastic cuts to the NSW healthcare system, we will remain united and committed to ensuring our hospitals remain publicly and appropriately funded to look after the community and our members. We know some of our hospitals are already dangerously understaffed and further cuts will endanger the safety of patients and our members.

If you would like further information about the campaign, or would like to get involved in similar actions please contact