4/10 patients waiting over 4 hours to be treated at WSLHD ED's



The NSW Auditor-General's audit released on Thursday revealed that NSW Health fell short of its target of having 81 per cent of emergency department patients treated within four hours, with only 72.1 per cent of patients attended to within four hours in 2019-20.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, Western Sydney Local Health District saw only 59 per cent of patients treated within four hours. Although NSW Health partly attributes this to the increased time needed to process in COVID-19, it has been well reported there are more patients than ever at Western Sydney Hospitals without a corresponding increase in staff.

ASMOF has been drawing attention to the chronic under resourcing of health services in Western Sydney hospitals, which is causing risk to patient safety and doctors who are overworked and at risk of burnout.

The report also highlighted issues with incomplete reporting of PPE purchased during the COVID-19 pandemic. We support the recommendation for an urgent review of health inventory management systems to ensure there are no access issues in the future.